The Tale of a Teaspoon

The Tale of a Teaspoon
"I am [...] on a mission to make eating sustainably more fun and easier for our everyday lives.

It needs to be easier to understand what sustainable eating really means and it needs to be easier to take action, one small step at a time. And it needs to be an adventure because most people responsible for getting dinner on the table, already have so much on their plates."

Extracted from this blog post

Hi, I'm Vicky, the human behind The Tale of a Teaspoon.

The Tale of a Teaspoon is where my journey to a more sustainable plate has taken place.

At first I was just another foodie on instagram, then I began to champion Somerset food that is locally sourced and independently sold. Slowly it's becoming about sustainable eating and how we can all make small, fun, achievable steps towards a better food future.

For planet, people and pocket.

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On a side note, I run The Natural Network, a membership for small to medium sized food business in the South West, that have an ethical mindset. The members benefit from monthly masterclasses and events such as Feed The Chef as well as the intangible value you get from being well connected within your industry. Visit the website for more information.