Food For Fork #9

Food For Fork #9

For Starters...

Happy New Year :)

It's been just over a year since I started this blog, and in March we'll see the 12th edition of Food For Fork. I took some time to reflect and shared my progress in this recent blog post.

I've heard recently that I have inspired a few people to make little changes. One friend now has a "scraps bag" in the freezer for making stocks and soups, and my sister is exploring the benefits of fermented vegetables even though she feels out of her comfort zone.

I do sometimes worry that I'm preaching to the converted, but I think there is a difference between how we would like to live and how, when faced with constraints of time, money, energy, we actually live. I know I still have loads of improvements I'd like to make and I am certainly "the converted"; I live and breathe it! Making a difference starts with the small things, and continues.

What are your 2024 goals when it come to a sustainable food journey? I'd love to know.

For me this year needs to be about growing things. I'm just honestly clueless as to where to start. Watch this space.

The Main Course...

Events & Experiences

I'm feeling the slow start of the year. It's still very much winter and we are still in hibernation mode. Be kind to yourself and embrace food, skills and traditions that give you the warmth you need for this chilly season.

πŸ₯• Introduction to Stews and Slow Cooking at The Farm Cookery School, Bromham, 16th Jan

🍏 Awaken the apple trees with a traditional Wassail At The Chapel, Bruton, 20th Jan

πŸ₯© Game Butchery and Cookery Course at Vale House Kitchen, Timsbury, 21st Jan

🌢️ Indian Take away class, The Old Silk Works, Warminster, 24th Jan

🍲 Introduction to Modern Miso Making, Wild Garden, Galhampton, 27th Jan

πŸ§‚ How to use your Seasoning/Store Cupboard at The Pony Chew Valley, Chew Manga, 9th Feb

A Little Something Sweet...

How do you feel about Apeel? I may have had a slightly knee-jerk reaction when I heard about it, but I feel that shopping healthily and sustainably is already hard enough without invisible coatings.

Everything you need to know about Apeel.

The argument is that by increasing the shelf life of fresh produce, Apeel is reducing food waste and I supposed on fruit and veg whose skins we don't traditionally eat - like bananas and avocados - then maybe it's ok? But what about when those things are composted? There is very little info out there that hasn't been written by Apeel.

For anyone that's read Ultra Processed People, surely we're all thinking, "Nope, it's not food, I don't want it". I guess if we eat seasonally and shop at local, independent shops, for fresh produce, then we don't have to worry.

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