Food For Fork #11

Food For Fork #11

For Starters...

Welcome to Summer... well sort of. Some days yes, some no, some both?

The weather aside, there is lots of news my end not least that I've started a new job which I am very excited about. You are reading the words of Vallis Farm's new Business Development Manager :)

I've done a little market research and found that there is some confusion over how to engage with Vallis Farm and so that is the first thing I need to rectify. We have some beautiful and versatile event spaces if you want to host a supper or book club, lead a pilates or foraging class, or even want somewhere a little different for a company away day. If you're interested, get in touch, I'd love to show you around. You can't "just rock up" - many have asked me this - but we endeavour to have a variety of events on including community open days when you come learn about what we do and explore. We care about food sovereignty, biodiversity, community and education - it's the dream job for me!

Plastic Free July is well on it's way and as I guiltily move strawberry punnets over to the recycling bin I have to remind myself that self-awareness is the first step to personal change. If you're planning a picnic anytime my Plastic Free Picnic blog might be a great place to start.


Events, Instagram & Things I'm Reading

πŸ‡ Session Sundays On The Vines, Wraxall Vineyard, 14 Jul

πŸ„ Mushroom Revolution, 42 Acres, 15-17 Jul

πŸ«‘ In Conversation with Melissa Hemsley, The Grosvenor Arms, Shaftesbury, 17 July

🍷 Supper Club On The Vines, Wraxall Vineyard, 24 Jul

🌱 My Journey to Regenerative Agriculture - Clyde Jones, Vallis Farm, 25 Jul

🌢️ Great Dorset Chilli Festival, 3-4 Aug

🍾 Limeburn Hill Vineyard Tour and Tasting, Westfield Farm,Chew Valley, multiple dates

β€ŒπŸ“ Energy Exchange: Regenerative Gardens, 42 Acres, 28 Aug
β€ŒOver on Instagram I'm loving... Clarie Thomson aka @5oclockapron, a South West based chef cooking family veggie food.

A Little Something Sweet...

β€Œβ€ŒThere has been a lot of bad press out there about strawberries recently which is really bumming me out as I don't eat them out of season and look forward to pigging out once summer comes around.

Riverford claim that most supermarket varieties are now grown without soil (which requires discussion before we just agree that's 100% a bad thing) and more alarmingly that "forever chemicals" were found in a very high percentage of strawberries.

Further more I'm struggling to find the bounty of strawberries I remember from childhood. We'd regularly go to a "pick your own" at a local farm shop (in Northumberland), but I'm told there isn't anywhere that does that near me now (near Frome). I went to the local market at the weekend but the fruit and veg stall didn't have them and the local grocers was selling them for Β£4 for about 8 strawberries with no indication of provenance or how they were grown (ie UK or organic). I'll admit we went to the supermarket and bought them for half the price and clarity that they were grown in Kent. I suspect that wasn't the best move but every pocket has sensitivities and 50p a strawberry broke that barrier for me when I needed 1kg for making jam.

I suspect this lack of summer is to blame. My personal experience is that there is a danger worse than the erratic weather and slugs... and that's a 2 year old daughter who picks and eats them whilst they are still yellow. β€Œβ€Œ

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