Why We Can't Be Friends

Why We Can't Be Friends

I'll admit I crowd sourced some of these but they all hold merit. If we are going to eat together these are a few food pet-peeves that maybe you should know about 😂.

I judge you if...

1) You spend time on your phone during meals (a quick food photo is allowed).

2) You say no to looking at the pudding menu.

3) You like your steak well done.

4) You pair things incorrectly like ordering a cappuccino with pizza... I witnessed this once, we are not friends.

5) You pronounce Bruschetta BRU-SHET-A. It's BRU-SKET-TA.

6) You are precious about how we split the bill.

7) You salt your food before you've tasted it. Heathen.

8) You chew with your mouth open.

9) You are rude to your waiter.

10) You don't share food. No Joey, no.

Now some of those are up for debate and there are certainly exceptions to the rules. Sure, if the majority of us order steak and wine but one person has a salad and tap water, I'll be the first to defend their plea that they pay closer to what they've had. Ok, you may not want to see the pudding menu because you know you will want one, you really shouldn't have one and you have no will power. However if you disagree with the majority of the above... um... maybe don't call me.

I'd love to know what you think. Head on over to my post on Instagram to tell me what food related behaviours make you judge people.