Food for Fork - #1

Food for Fork - #1

For Starters...

Welcome to the first official "Food for Fork". You can expect every edition to be stuffed full of food events, experiences and news from across the South West.

I'm Vicky. I'm passionate about supporting local food growers and producers, and will champion anyone that's part of a fair food ecosystem. The Tale of a Teaspoon is the name of my Instagram and now my blog. I have a background in community and events so I'm excited to tuck into experiences that get us closer to the food we eat.

Recently I visited 42 Acres, Wraxall Vineyard and White Lake Cheese and every time I have come away bursting with thoughts and ideas. I hope some of that enthusiasm will spill over into Food for Fork and get you as excited about local food produce and experiences as I am. Buon appetito!

The Main Course...


As spring kicks in, I always feel the lure of the outdoors and what better way to get out and about than a Foraging Walk with Hejgro. Learn about the wonderful nutrition-packed super foods right on your doorstep, share recipes and learn useful tips and tricks on how to use wild plants in home, kitchen and garden.

Saturday 13th May, 13:30 – 16:30
Near Frome
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Forage and Ferment Masterclass

Now this event is worth signing up for simply to meet Paula, she always makes my day. Her and foraging expert Samantha have teamed up to host an event that will take you meandering along the banks of Redford water, exploring woodland and meadow plants, then feed you both lunch and the knowledge to make your own wild fermented sauerkraut that you can take home.

22nd April
Frome, BA11 5LP
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Photo by Jeremy Stewart on Unsplash

Fish Cookery Course

Now I don't know about you but I certainly have a safe zone when it comes to what I cook on a weekly basis. However, I like to come out of that zone to try new things and I think this Fish Cookery Course hosted by Vale House Kitchen is that perfect break from the norm.

Sunday 14th May, 10:00 - 17:00
Timsbury, Bath
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Plant Powered Retreat

I'm a sucker for a retreat because they let you cut out distractions and fully immerse yourself in the moment. I'm also a sucker for handsome Irish men... even more so when they are foodies and there are two of them! This retreat is hosted by 42 Acres and The Happy Pear twins, and will celebrate all the things they love most - community, laughter, yoga, movement and delicious plant powered cooking demos and meals all made with 42 Acres farm produce.

19th - 21st June
42 Acres, BA11 5HL
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South Indian Home Cooking Class

I'm not sure what I love more, Mahesh or the food he taught me to cook in my own home. The thing that stands out to me most about him is his generosity; he is passionate about life and that comes through in the way he cooks. By coming into your kitchen Mahesh offers a truly personal experience perfect for any foodie.

On request
Your home in or near Frome
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Root Connections’ Cookery Club

This open and friendly community cooking club takes a different seasonal veg each month to create, tweak and most importantly, taste delicious & nutritious recipes. They are developing a set of tried and tested recipe cards to accompany the Root Connections’ Subscription Veg Boxes, so this is a club with mission and purpose. All that you need to bring is a willingness to chop vegetables!

24th April (every 4th Monday of the month)
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A Little Something Sweet...

In this space I'll be adding some extras that don't quite fit under the heading of Food Experiences, but that might just tempt you you read on.

Fun Fact: Did you know (according to this report) a quarter of England’s agricultural holdings are in the South West.

I'm trying to work out my own definitions of "foodie experience" vs "dining experience"; supper clubs, I think, qualify as both. And these ones look too good to exclude,
Pomona Seasonal Supper Club
Castle Farm, Midford

Art on the Vines - Not food focused but I'm sure a little wine will be drank (might improve the art!)

Under the hood of the UK's 'best restaurant' [WFJ #45] - An article about Osip in Bruton. If you're not already subscribed to the Wallfish Journal, go check it out.

Over on the blog I've written an update on my 2023 Foodie New Year's Resolutions and a list of foodie reason's Why We Can't Be Friends. Just cos.

If you have enjoyed this please forward to your foodie friends and family, both local and those from further afield that might wish to visit the South West with their tasting spoons at the ready.

If you know of food experiences that I should feature in a future newsletter just hit reply and let me know!

Thank you from The Tale of a Teaspoon