What's on the Menu in... Frome

What's on the Menu in... Frome
Sandwich from Hamper

Frome is stuffed full of amazing eateries and if you're only here for a day or two, you really are going to be spoilt for choice. If you're visiting for a weekend then check out my post A Foodie Weekend: Frome for something a little more structured, and read on for a quick check list of all the places I recommend.

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I'm a big fan of Projects. The food is good, the environment is cool and the ethos of sustainability and seasonality gets a big old thumbs up from me. Great for brunch, lunch and coffee breaks.

Rye Bakery


These guys actually have 2 spaces, the cafe on Whittox Lane and smaller bakery at Station Approach (near the train station). The Whittox Lane venue is definitely worth a visit as it's an old church still equipped with iconic organ and surrounding gallery. Very family friendly with a corner with toys and plenty of space for buggies and doggos. Again, the food, coffee and vibe is great, I can't fault it.

One thing we've really enjoyed is their Pizza on Friday nights down at Station Approach, especially in the summer. They have teamed up with Burrito Boi and Lungi Babas to create a vibrant space in the car park where you can get food and drinks and hangout.

Moo and Two

Possibly the best coffee in town. I've mostly taken-out, occasionally with a sweet treat to accompany it, but there are a few small tables inside should you wish to eat in. Just tea, coffee and cakes, no lunch menu.

River House

Another staple for me and conveniently near to parking. Colourful interior, great counter full of cakes and pastries and a fantastic brunch menu as well as options such as burgers and chips. The type of burger that comes with a really nice slaw.

Burrito Boi

Eight Stony Street

A trendy but not too exclusive feeling wine bar come pizzeria with lots of other options on the menu. I've eaten here at lunch time but also enjoyed the moody environment whilst collecting takeout pizza in the evenings. It's a big place right in the centre of town, so you'll usually get a table without booking.

Coop Kitchen at The Ship


The traditional English pub facade is just an illusion as husband and wife owners have opted for an American diner style menu. Burgers with chips as sides as well as other tasty, not at all healthy options. They get geeky about their beers and you will not be leaving hungry!

Bistro Lotte


A french cafe-restaurant that is open from breakfast until dinner. It always seems to be a day of dramatic weather when I'm there, but that's probably not relevant here. Whether it's coffee and croissants, a casual croque monsieur oozing with bechamel or steak et frites cooked to perfection; a meal here will never disappoint.

Bistro Lotte

Lungi Babas

I have so much love for Lungi Babas not least because the man behind it, Mahesh, is a truly wonderful person. He once came to our house and taught us how to cook some of his delicious dishes but honestly I'd rather just buy it from him. He cooks with soul and love and a sense of community. If you like Keralan food then he's your man.

Burrito Boi


I love a burrito and have actually written about these guys before. You can eat in or take out and as I mentioned above they are part of the Station Approach crew. Funny story... I actually demanded a burrito from here when I was in labour and sent my slightly panicked husband off to collect an order that I enjoyed between contractions on the way into hospital. Sadly I never got around to the churros as they were forgotten in the car and the arrival of my baby girl slightly distracted me from going back to get them.... but only slightly.

[Currently shut but waiting to hear what they do next!]

A fantastic sandwich shop which definitely mustn't be over looked. My husband gets lunch there when he's in town for work and usually opts for the Reuben or anything with focaccia.

The High Pavement

A very popular, higher end restaurant serving Moorish Tapas, that mainly opens evenings and weekends. For this reason I've not yet been... I don't get the impression I'd want to take my toddlers! Booking ahead is highly recommended. They have outdoor seating too.

The above list is not exhaustive but if you need a place to start, these are my suggestions. I try to update this regularly but if you do spot something that no longer exists or feel there is something missing from the list, then just let me know. Subscribe to The Tale of a Teaspoon.