What’s On Your Autumn Plate? And Is It Sustainable?

What’s On Your Autumn Plate? And Is It Sustainable?

Autumn is well and truly here - the leaves are a beautiful mix of oranges and red and are starting to fall, the temperature is dropping and the evenings are drawing in, so it’s time to cook some wholesome recipes and cosy up.

To me, nothing quite says autumn like a steaming bowl of soup. Use a selection of the wonderful autumn veggies grown here in the UK available right now - there are too many to list but these could include a bowl of orange goodness containing, carrots, pumpkins and other squashes with leeks for more flavour. You could throw in potatoes for a little extra ‘bulk’ and to make into more of a hearty meal suitable for a supper. To make it creamy maybe add a dash of locally sourced cream.

Or use broccoli, again in season now and add cheese from some of the fabulous cheese makers here in Somerset.

Try these yummy recipes.

Don’t forget to top your soups with croutons if you have bread past its best before or alternatively serve with fresh bread - homemade or from your local bakery.

For a hearty main - cottage pie topped with creamy mashed potatoes is hard to beat on a chilly evening. Use good quality British beef, sourced locally from the butcher or market or maybe try a meat free alternative - research has shown if every family in the UK swapped red meat for a plant-based meal just once a week, the reduction in CO2 emissions would be considerable.

To finish, the autumn feast it has to be pies and crumbles - with a sweet tooth I lean towards apples, pears and maybe quince. These fruits are plentiful right now and are perfect with a flakey pastry top or oat crumble mix to make simple pud. Or make an Eve’s pudding - just as good with pears as apples - perfect for a Sunday afternoon treat!  

This recipe, from Riverford, looks delicious.

When recipes include diary products such as milk, cream, butter or eggs try to buy locally as eating in season and shopping locally are other easy ways to reduce our carbon footprints.

You will enjoy each mouthful so much more knowing that you have not only made a yummy home cooked meal but one that’s sustainable  - it will taste good and do good!

So, enjoy cosying up with comforting dishes this November - 'til next time, happy eating folks!

Caroline Bowen-Thomas is a freelance copy-writer and proof reader based in Frome. She's the creator behind Frome With a View, an Instagram account that celebrates all things fun to see and do in and around 30 minutes of the town of Frome in Somerset.

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